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  • 8 The Fenway
  • Boston, MA
  • USA

New England's only music festival offering solo with orchestra to every student

          August 1-14, 2016            

Location: The Boston Conservatory, 8 Fenway, MA 02215

presented by Cambridge-Tsukuba Sister City Committee

                                                                           updated on 4/5/2016

How to practice individually and rehearse together, 
How to communicate with other musicians, 
Making progress together with your colleagues by inspiring each other, 
Sharing the pleasure of finding some truth in music?

Our Goal

        EVERY student will have an opportunity to play a concerto with orchestra, and selected students will appear in a concerto concert as soloists. Playing a concerto with orchestra is an extremely valuable experience, but unfortunately, even conservatory students hardly get a chance.

    Following the concerto week, we will continue with the chamber music program. Music education today tends to focus on individual instrumental technique. While polishing your skills by practicing alone is essential for a musical career, chamber music experience opens up a new avenue for exploration. All students will have a chamber music group WITH a faculty member. Making music and performing together with artists becomes a tremendous experience for each student.

    Throughout the course, we will provide masterclasses for each instrument, chamber music coachings, and private lessons. The leaders include guest artists from Boston Symphony Orchestra, and faculty members from New England Conservatory, The Boston Conservatory and Boston University.

Director - Yohei Sato

Chair of Faculty - Yi-Hsiu Liu
General Manager - Chen Lin

Guest Artists 
Yohei Sato/Music Director
Bruce Hangen/Chamber Music
Yuri Mazurkevich/Violin
Michelle LaCourse/Viola
Terry King/Cello
Jonathan Bass/Piano
Kyoko Hida-Battaglia/Oboe
Jonathan Cohler/Clarinet

MaeLynn Arnold/Violin
So Young Kwon/Violin
Yi-Hsiu Liu/Violin
Kenneth Mok/Violin
Karl Ørvik/Violin
Angel Valchinov/Violin
Chen Lin/Viola
Michelle Rahn/Viola
Eleanor Blake/Cello
Ignacy Gaydamovich/Cello
Sam Ou/Cello
Jacques Wood/Cello

Cheongmoo Kang/Clarinet
Izumi Sakamoto/Oboe
Patricia Yee/Bassoon
Aldo Abreu/Recorder

Roxana Bajdechi
Baekyu Kim
Rasa Vitkauskaite