Cello and orchestra

S. Barber - Concerto
L. van Beethoven - Triple Concerto in C major, Op. 56
J. Brahms - Double Concerto in A minor, Op. 102
A. Dvorak - Concerto in B minor op. 102
E. Elgar - Concerto in E minor op. 85
G. Goltermann - Concerto No. 4 in G major op. 65, Concerto No. 3 in B minor op. 51
F. Gulda - Concerto for Cello and Wind Instruments
J. Haydn - Concertos, Sinfonia Concertante in B flat Major Hob. I-105, 
E. W. Korngld - Cello Concerto
E. Lalo - Concerto in D minor
D. Popper - Hungarian Rhapsody op. 68 (also in arrangement for 4 cellos and solo cello)
S. Prokofiev - Symphony-Concerto in E minor op. 125
J. Rheinberger - Concerto for Violin, Cello and Organ op. 149
C. Saint-Saëns - Concerto in A minor
A. Schnittke - Concerto No. 1
D. Shostakovich - Concerto No. 1, in E flat major, Op. 107
R. Schumann - Concerto in A minor, Op. 129
M. Skorik - Concerto
R. Strauss - Don Quixote
P. I. Tchaikovsky - Nocturne 901 a/b, Pezzo Capriccioso op. 62, Variations on a Rococo Theme op. 33, Andante
A. Vivaldi - Concerto for two cellos in G minor, Concerto in A minor F. III No. 4

Cello Solo

 J. S. Bach - 6 Cello Solo Suites
A. Barsov - Musical Moment*
J. Bellor - Fliegen, Soliloqui
B. Britten - Suite for cello solo No. 1 G major op. 72
J. Duke - Two Sketches for Cello Solo
E. Knapik - Filo d’Arianna
Z. Kodály - Sonata op. 8
G. Ligeti - Sonata
W. Lutosławski - Sacher Variation
K. Penderecki - Per Slava, Divertimento
M. Reger - 3 Suites for cello solo op. 131c
M. Talma-Sutt - Cellotronicum for Cello and Computer
M. Wąsowicz - Lamento
A. Znosko-Borovsky - Two pieces op. 38

Cello and piano

J. S. Bach - 3 Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Harpsichord
L. van Beethoven - Cello works, Sonata Op. 3 (arr. Terry King), Sonata, Op. 17
J. B. Breval - Sonata in G major
L. Boccherini - Sonata in A major, Sonata in G major “Military” 
J. Brahms - Sonatas
F. Caporale - Sonata
F. Chopin - Sonata in G minor Op. 65, Introduction and Polonaise brillante op. 3, Transciptions
C. Davidoff - At the Fountain op. 20
C. Debussy - Cello Sonata
J. Duke - Melody in E flat
J. Duport - Sonata in G major
A. Dvorak - Rondo op. 94
G. Fauré - Elegy op. 24, Aprés un Rêve op. 7, Sicilienne
L. Foss - Intermezzo, Fantasia, Duo
C. Franck - Sonata in A major
G. Frescobaldi - Toccata
G. Goltermann - Etude-Capriccio
E. Grieg - Sonata in A minor op. 36
N. Gutierrez - Tango para Cello y Piano
S. Kossowski - Polonaise
W. Lutosławski - Grave
N. Lysenko - Elegy, Elegy “Sum” op. 39, Gavotte
G. B. Martini - Gavotte
J. Massenet - Elegy
F. Mendelssohn - Spring Song without words No. 30
W. A. Mozart - Sonata for Violin and Piano in E minor, K. 304 (arr. I. Gaydamovich)
G. Onslow - Sonata in A major
A. Part - Fratres
G. B. Pergolesi - Nina
D. Popper- Remembrance, Tarantelle op. 33, Spinnlied op. 55 No. 1
S. Prokofiev - Cello sonata in G minor
S. Rachmaninoff - Vocalise op. 34 No.14, Sonata Op. 19
B. Romberg - Sonata
A. Rubinstein - Melody op. 3 No. 1
C. Saint-Saëns: The Swan, Allegro Appasionato op. 43
G. Sammartini - Canto Amoroso
D. Shostakovich - Sonata in D minor Op. 40
A. Schnittke - Sonata No. 1, Musica Nostalgica
F. Schubert - Sonata “Arpeggione” 
R. Schumann - Fünf Stücke im Volkstone op. 102, Fantasiestucke, Op. 73
I. Stravinsky - Suite Italienne
K. Tessarini - Sonata in F major
G. Valentini - Sonata X in E major
A. Webern - 3 kleine Stücke op. 1, 1899 Pieces
K. Wiłkomirski - Poem, Vocalise

*commissioned by Ignacy Gaydamovich