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C - $108

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This set of cello strings combines the highest quality with an affordable price. The uncompromising power and warmth found in old instruments are brought into strings that will give your cello a new, colorful, yet powerful tone. Surpassing the known names, the Polish company Presto® brings the sound of great artists into your hands.

The strings are praised by some of the best cellists in Europe playing not only on modern professional cellos, but also on the highest quality antique instruments.  Any instrument, regardless of quality, will benefit greatly from these new developments and most of all, will allow for the true voice of the cello and performer to come forward. The harmonics on all strings surpass the existing market offers in clarity and balance of the sound. 

String's characteristics

The A string is exceptionally sensitive to vibrato changes, yet powerful, in all registers.  Made of steel.

The D string has no match in power with any other product. It blends well with the whole set but clearly stands out for the passages to come through crispier than ever before! Made of steel.

The G uses the tungsten and silver winding which is unprecedented. The core is made with the new and improved technology of blending dozens of layers of tungsten metals to make a single string which gives it a lot of projection power but without much tension. Silver enhances the ease of playing with a beautiful, characteristic tone of antique cellos.

The  C string contains also tungsten and silver winding, allowing it to create a powerful sound through engaging the entire acoustic of the hall. It stands out with its color from any other instrument and catches attention right away. It can be easily engaged and behaves wonderfully in higher positions.

Buy today and get the Stradivarius sound for a competitive price! 

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Presto® company: four generations of strings production

Origins of the Presto® company date back to 1934 when Franciszek Juszczak and his son Bronisław, opened the workshop of musical instruments and production of strings in Łódź, Poland. In 1938, Bronislaw Juszczak was drafted into the Navy. After the war, he continued his father's work and lived in Gdańsk. In 1966, his son Kazimierz Juszczak has also become an active member of the family business and has organized the production that functions till this day. He opened an independent company that made strings for bass, cello and violin. In 1984, after the death of his father Bronislaw, Kazimierz Juszczak started to run the business with his son Maciej.